Coverseal's unique flexible cover stays tensioned at all times.

Its design is based on the combination of an innovative material and the production of a number of patents, allowing it to operate by simultaneously extending and sealing the membrane.

This "next generation" cover is different from any existing product in a number of ways:

In its choice of material: the cover uses a PVC membrane from the Serge Ferrari Précontraint range.

Dimensionally stable and tear-resistant, the membrane can also withstand various forms of potential damage, such as pollution and UV rays.

The cover is properly tensioned above the water line, meaning that there is no contact between the membrane and the water. Once sealed, this tension keeps the water safe, clean and insulated all year round.
A number of small holes in the middle of the cover are used to evacuate rainwater.

The cover is sealed automatically with the use of an unobtrusive, ultra-flat slider rail,
which guides and seals the cover as it gradually glides over the pool. Its rounded edges prevent injury to bathers’ feet.
A protective seal keeps it closed so that no plant or other debris or dirt can get in.

It is very easy to use: opening automatically from the control unit, the cover is unrolled quickly and quietly. The use of solar panels allows the mechanism to operate fully independently.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming pools of all types, both existing structures and those under construction.

The ideal solution for indoor pools: No other flexible cover limits evaporation to the same degree as the Coverseal airtight cover.

Specifically designed to maintain the tension of the membrane and keep it sealed, it really is the ideal solution for indoor pools.


Coverseal Model 102 - Types Cxxx
Example of a Coverseal Full-automatic model without cylinders - C600
Example of a Coverseal Full-automatic model with cylinders - C650