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The Coverseal

Unique reliable and patented technology to assure the best of your pool

The Coverseal brand was born of a desire to bring an equally aesthetic and high-performing solution to a demanding clientele. Originating from the world of industry and more precisely, fast-opening flexible doors, this technology has been adapted to the specific, highly demanding swimming pool setting.

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The exclusive, patented Coverseal system comprises a unique mechanism that allows the membrane to unroll and lock in place courtesy of an extra-flat, extremely discreet, 10 mm thick rail. The membrane was developed by the brand Serge Ferrari, the world leader in this market, for top resistance to UV rays, extreme climatic conditions and the most exacting standards, particularly NF P90-308 of December 2013. It will remain perfectly taut right across the years, for impeccable aesthetics and unfailing security. What is more, the rail holding the belt that will never slip will never be a hazard for those walking over it and eliminates the risk of toes getting stuck.

Convenience of use

One of the numerous advantages of our Coverseal covers is that the area taken up by the pool is optimised in both summer and winter. Unlike other “all-season” products – pool shelters, for example – the clearance area is strongly reduced. Its ease and swiftness of opening are likewise major bonuses of this uniquely performing cover.

Our Models
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Elegance is not automatically synonymous with making pools safe or covering them. Our Coverseal swimming pool covers have been developed with a precise aim: to make your pool safe without cluttering its environment.

Why a Coverseal?

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