How is Coverseal installed?
The first step is for a technical sales representative to visit your property to make sure that your plans are feasible and take exact measurements.
Production then takes around five to six weeks.
Fitting takes a day and no structural work is required.

How are the batteries recharged?
Coverseal is fitted with an electric motor powered by solar panel rechargeable batteries. The mechanism is therefore fully independent, with no need for electrical connections (except for indoor pools). The batteries are recharged by the solar panels, using daylight, thus reducing your impact on the environment.

What about servicing and maintenance?
Coverseal has an above-ground mechanism that is very easy to access for maintenance, servicing or technical assistance.
The cover can be cleaned using a hose.

Can Coverseal be used with any type of swimming pool?
Coverseal covers all types of indoor and outdoor pool, both newly built and existing structures.